The cast ready to meet their fans at the booth! Watch live:

Paul Bettanyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

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Kat’s in Sydney watching the final game of the International Ice Hockey Douglas Webber Cup.

And so, next year they’re bringing it to SINGAPORE?

for realz? to the country of eternal summer?

I don’t know what they’re thinking, but if this is true,


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"Weird Al" Yankovic does it again with his newest parody "Word Crimes"

this is great.

I can finally enjoy this tune without Robin Thicke

Thank the gods for Weird Al

This was amazing.

And it was more amazing because Trogdor is in it.

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So, as I promised.. here’s Mijbil Creatures’ Toothless Giveaway! :)

This OOAK figurine is just 1 inch high, handsculpted, handpainted, glazed three times for protection and ready to be adopted, cuddled and trained. :)

Here are the rules - not many, I promise!

- just reblog this post to enter the giveaway

- you do not need to follow me.. but hey, dragons! there are always tiny dragons at Mijbil Creatures, and kittens, and general cuteness, so maybe - maybe - after all it would be an awesome idea to follow me. Just saying..  ;P

- if you could find the time to like my Facebook page, that would also be awesome - still, not mandatory, but you’d gain my endless gratitude :)

- I will ship to any country in the world, so anyone is welcome to join, but please you need to be at least 18 to enter the giveaway

- the winner will be chosen randomly on August 10th 2014

Ok, I think that’s pretty much all.. Good luck everyone, and big hugs from Sweden! <3

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Pygmy babies!


Gif’d for Ric because I’m trying to murder her with cute.

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