I spluttered. Carbomb scored. Feelings are very mixed.

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Well, we didn’t have that lead for very long

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raise your hand if growing up you told your parents that you met your fandom friends in an “online writing community”

"What are you laughing at over there?" oh im just talking to my friend from….from online…online writing workshop. “How neat!…

hijacking this to share that my good friend and i told her wedding dress maker we met because of a shared interest in a “craft-based hobby”.

it’s cosplay.

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Jesus fucking christ Blackhawks. That’s 12 mins of PK in 40 minutes.

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Enough time without Teen Wolf drawings for me XD
Ok, Papa HAle is cool but what about a DEREK HALE DAD VERSION *CHAN*

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So. you lost Bollig to get a Carcillo. Fucking bad for Goddamn fucking worse. Thanks Hawks, awesome decision right there. (Did I mention for this we will need to trade Leddy?)

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This is my bowl, guys.

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